Unleashing Destruction: The Unveiling of a Giraffe’s Kick – The Reign of Giants




Famous for their superior hunting skills, and always outnumbering their prey, lions rarely allow their enemies to escape. However, it seems that giraffes always make it difficult for lions to fight.

In the video, the giraffe is surrounded and chased by a pride of 6 lionesses. One leaping lioness even jumped and grabbed the neck of her prey.

However, when you didn’t have time to grit your teeth to control the enemy, you immediately received the giraffe’s heavenly kick in the face and fell to the ground.



Not only do they have a physical advantage, giraffes also seem to run much faster than lions. Some also tried to approach from behind, but had to give up because they were almost hit by the giraffe’s rear kick.



When the enemy could not take advantage, the giraffe fled towards the forest, where there were many leafy trees, which caused the lion to surrender in regret.



Giraffes are a genus of hoofed mammals with toes. They are the tallest land animals, surpassing elephants and also the largest ruminants in size.

Consequently, the male deer can reach a height of 4.8 to 5.5 meters and weigh up to 1,300 kg. The record for the measured height of a giraffe is 5.87 meters.



The most special characteristic of this species is its extremely long neck, which can measure more than 2 meters. The neck alone represents 52-54% of the length of the giraffe’s vertebral column, compared to 27-33% in similar large ungulates.



The long neck is both a feeding tool and a self-defense weapon for deer, as it allows them to attack enemies from a distance.



Although they have large, oluminous bodies and long necks, they can run at fairly high speeds when chased.

According to records, the giraffe’s galloping speed can reach 55 km/h. That is, if they are short distances, they can reach racing horses.

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