The video captures the horror scene of a pelican that wants to swallow a woman’s head

The gray-footed pelican is a species of large bird. This species, 125–152 cm long and 4.1–6 kg in weight, is still a minor among pelicans. In summer, the hairs on the neck extend into the crest, light brown, the other hairs on the head and neck are white, the base is brown. The primary wing and wing feathers are light black, and the shoulder, tail and secondary wing feathers are brown.

The rest of the plumage is white, the back end, flanks and tail are pinkish purple. In winter, the head, neck and back feathers are white, and the wings and tail are brown

Pelican Beak

The pelican’s beak is characterized by a very large, pointed bill, the top of the beak has curved claws, the lower beak has a very broad skin membrane without feathers. When feeding, it uses this skin in combination with its upper beak like a fishing net

Pelicans of prey

Pelicans usually feed alone or in groups of just two or three. It usually swims along, gently and slowly, until it quickly dips its head in the water and picks the fish out with the large volume of water. Water is poured out of the bag and the fish will be swallowed.

Sometimes it can cooperate with other pelicans or with cormorants. The whole flock of birds will herd fish to shallow water to catch. Pelicans line up when foraging to show a supportive relationship with the same species. With this type of feeding, pelicans will be less energetic when they go foraging alone.

What do pelicans eat?

The food of the pelicans is mainly fish, the fish they especially like are carp, carp .. , sometimes they can add to the diet, including crustaceans, worms. , beetles and small waterfowl, usually laying and egg-laying birds, including field frogs and mice.


The breeding season of pelicans is from January to April, laying an average of 2 eggs, incubating for 31 days. The chicks are raised until they reach adulthood for about 2-3 months before they can go out and feed on their own.

The Call of the Pelican

They are usually silent species, although when in their nests they can make a hissing, grunting noise to communicate with others.

Where does the Pelican Live?

Pelicans are commonly found in wetlands such as lakes, rivers, and shorelines, especially at estuaries. In Vietnam, this species is found in Nam Dinh (Red River, Day River). The coastal area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City, the coastal area of ​​the Mekong Delta (Bac Lieu, Ca Mau, Kien Giang).

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