The mother monkey chose to sacrifice herself so her baby could survive, but the Komodo dragon declared it ‘impossible’.

The Komodo dragon was a mysterious creature to Western scientists until 1912, now the understanding of this largest living lizard has been discovered a lot, but the surprises about them still amaze scientists.

In particular, the fact that Komodo dragons hunt and eat monkeys is what surprised many researchers. On islands where monkeys and dragons live together, it is quite common for dragons to eat monkeys.

That shows the fear of the creature at the top of the ecological chain on this island, even the agile but careless monkeys will become prey for the Komodo dragon. Instead of tearing the victim apart, the dragon will swallow the monkey’s entire body.

The monkey seemed to be due to some carelessness that it was grabbed by the Komodo dragon on the ground. It was bitten by the dragon and cried out in agony.

In other cases, if it is other large prey, the Komodo dragon will bite the opponent and then wait patiently until the poison is absorbed into the prey’s body.

Below is the Komodo dragon’s most painful hunting moment:

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