The heartbreaking scene when the stray dog ​​was trapped under the gate screaming in pain until he lost consciousness.

A group of adorable puppies were saved from certain death when they were discovered abandoned and stuck under an iron fence in a forest near someone’s home.

A helpful person discovered a small dog that was extremely hungry and thirsty. Sadly, the pup was stuck under an iron fence and had injuries from the incident. The dog was not healthy as it was experiencing malnourishment and a serious skin condition caused by parasites.

The kind-hearted person brought the impoverished little dog to a veterinary clinic close by. The compassionate staff are now doing all they can to nurse the canine back to full health, providing it with initial medical treatment and feeding it wholesome food.

According to the veterinarian, the puppy suffered from minor injuries but would recover with good nutrition and proper care from a kind owner. Luckily, the man who rescued him decided to adopt him despite already having another puppy. This turned out to be the perfect solution as the poor little pup found a warm and loving home along with a new companion.

We extend our heartfelt hopes for his future endeavors and express our gratitude towards this kind-hearted individual for rescuing and welcoming such a precious soul.