Suffocate With The Beauty Of 120 Million Years Old Apple-Shaped Rock That Suddenly Explodes In Two At Sunset

Situated in the Tasman Bay off the northern coastline of New Zealand’s South Island, Split Apple Rock is a distinctive geological rock formation.

Split Apple Rock suddenly exploded in two at sunset, surprising people and tourists, but a wonderful beauty appeared in front of them.

Appearing like a colossal apple cleaved neatly in half by an otherworldly knife, this peculiar boulder rests in the pristine, crystal-clear waters of the Tasman Bay, serving as an unusual and captivating attraction for beachgoers.

Located between Kaiteriteri and Marahau in Abel Tasman National Park, Split Apple Rock is a natural formation composed of granite, estimated to have originated around 120 million years ago.

According to Māori legend, the rock was split asunder by two deities engaged in a fierce rivalry over its possession. To resolve the dispute, they utilized their immense godlike strength to fracture it in two. Hence, the Māori name for the rock is Tokangawhā, meaning “burst open rock.”

A scientific theory suggests that water permeated a crevice within the rock and subsequently froze during an ice age, causing the ice to expand and ultimately fracture the stone.

Situated approximately 160 feet from the shoreline, the beach adjacent to Split Apple Rock can be reached by following a short trail just outside the town of Kaiteriteri. Alternatively, kayak tours or water taxis provide the opportunity to view the rock formation from the sea.




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