Poor Little Hero! Heartwarming Story 6-Year-Old Superhero Saves Sister From Dog Attack, Gets 90 Stitches And Praise From The Avengers

Six-year-old Bridger Walker from Cheyenne in Wyoming is a real-life superhero! The boy protected his little sister from an aggressive dog that injured him during the daring rescue—Bridger had to get 90 stitches for his wounds. “If someone was going to die, I thought it should be me,” the boy said.

Now, Bridger is being called a hero worldwide. And if you think that the 6-year-old has all the makings of a professional superhero, you might not be far off from the truth.

Actor Mark Ruffalo, who plays Bruce Banner and the Hulk in Marvel’s Avengers movies, responded to the story and said that he admired the boy’s courage. Meanwhile, Chris Evans aka Captain America sent the boy a video where he praised him for his bravery. Plenty of other celebrities have pitched in with their own praise. Welcome to the Avengers, Bridger!

Six-year-old Bridger protected his 4-year-old sister from an aggressive dog that ran at them

Image credits: nicolenoelwalker

He got in between the dog and his sister to save her

Image credits: nicolenoelwalker

Bridger was taken to the hospital where he had to get 90 stitches for his wounds

Image credits: nicolenoelwalker

He’s a real-life superhero and he was prepared to lay down his life for his little sister

Image credits: nicolenoelwalker

Image credits: nicolenoelwalker

The 6-year-old has been discharged from hospital and he’s feeling great

Image credits: nicolenoelwalker

Chris Evans aka Captain America praised Bridger for being very brave and for doing the right thing

Mark Ruffalo, who plays Bruce Banner and The Hulk in the Avengers movies, said that he was impressed by the boy’s heroics

Actress Anne Hathaway also shared the story online

Other celebrities, including Hugh Jackman, Zachary Levi, Tom Holland, the Russo brothers, Robbie Amell, Chris Hemsworth, Anne Hathaway, and others have also shown their support for Bridger. Anne Hathaway commented: “I’m not an Avenger, but I know a superhero when I see one. I can only hope I’m half as brave in my life as you are in yours, Bridger. Wishing you an easeful recovery, and many cool looking rocks.”

The 6-year-old’s heroic tale first went viral after his aunt Nicole Walker shared it on Instagram and tagged the actors from the Avengers movies to let them know about the newest addition to their ranks.

The incident happened at a friend’s home on July 9. Bridger, his sister, and their friend went into the backyard where there were a couple of dogs. After their friend pointed out which of them was the mean one, it immediately charged at them. Bridger put himself between the dog and his 4-year-old sister to protect her without any concern for his life or safety. The dog was a 1-year-old German Shepherd mix.

After the dog latched onto his face with its teeth, Bridger yelled for his sister to run. When the dog let him go, he grabbed his sister’s hand and ran with her away from the dog.

Immediately afterward, the dog’s owner secured their pet, ran Bridger inside the house, put pressure on his wounds, and called for emergency care. He was taken to the hospital where a plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph F. Looby, gave him stitches.

The good news is that Bridger has already been discharged from the hospital and he’s now back home. He also hasn’t lost his spirits despite being wounded like a real warrior. According to Nicole, the boy’s aunt, their family doesn’t hold any ill will towards the family that owns the dog that hurt Bridger. In fact, the two families have become closer because of this incident.

Here’s what people said about the boy’s heroic actions