Open Your Eyes To Mother Nature Bigger Than A Building Made Of Natural Wood

Daniel Popper, a South African artist renowned for his large-scale sculptures, has created a colossal wooden figure for a traditional festival in the historic town of Tulum, Mexico. The piece, titled “Ven a la Luz,” is constructed from a combination of wood and rope and takes the form of a woman. The sculpture’s interior is filled with lush greenery, forming a stunning archway. See photo by melaniesantos and blakehobsonn.

Following the conclusion of the local festival, the wooden sculpture was showcased on the premises of the renowned Mexican resort, Ahau Tulum. The mystical sculpture’s presence promptly transformed Ahau Tulum into a bustling tourist attraction. Photo credits: jasonandlauraphotography, nancy_cleo.

In addition to Ven a la Luz, the resort’s private beach is also decorated with another wooden doll with a unique pose. This place becomes the “virtual living” corner of the movement thanks to the strange background. Photo:

Besides the artistic exterior, the interior of this famous resort also attracts visitors by its design in harmony with nature, imbued with ancient Mayan culture. The building materials used in Ahau Tulum are mainly wood. Photo: kukulcanvas.

The ancient town of Tulum is an ideal tourist destination for tourists who love aboriginal style. Here, visitors can both immerse themselves in the sea and delight in discovering the ancient ruins of the ancient Maya. The El Gran Cenote sinkhole, the Dos Ojos cave system, the green beaches of the Caribbean … are also attractive destinations in Tulum. Photo:, jordanerinnn.

Pristine nature, separate from the noisy world, characterizes Tulum. In addition to the enchanting landscape, unique coastal cuisine, vibrant festivals, colors, music bars in the middle of the forest… are also factors that make Tulum ancient town dubbed “paradise”. resort of the stars”. Photo: papaya_maya_tulum 7, latin.spirit.

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