Nature's Drama: The Mesmerizing Encounter of a Dreaming Jaguar and a Ferocious Lion in the Wild

Nature’s Drama: The Mesmerizing Encounter of a Dreaming Jaguar and a Ferocious Lion in the Wild



Does this footage sound familiar to anyone who owns a house cat? Apparently even big cats like to sneak up on you and scare others for no apparent reason.


This colossal male lion spotted a snoozing leopard from afar and decided it was worth scaring it away, probably as a show of dominance.




“After hearing that a male leopard had been found, we all got excited and headed to the area. The male leopard began walking along the banks of the Sand River, scent marking the entire way. It was at that time that we noticed the male lion lying in the river on the opposite bank,” he said.



As the guests watched, it became even more exciting.




“I told my guests ‘Can you imagine if these 2 dominant males got together.’ It seemed that my words were not cold because soon after the male leopard fell asleep and the lion began to stalk him from the other side of the river.”

Poole recalled having mixed emotions when this sighting began to unfold, realizing that the lion could potentially kill the leopard if it wanted to. Fortunately, the fight ended with the leopard alive and well, if a little upset.




Leopards are one of the “big five” cats of the genus Panthera. Spotted big cats are famous for their unique camouflage capabilities, strength, and tree-climbing abilities. And, although leopards are sizable cats weighing up to 200 pounds, they are no match for an adult male lion.



Lions are the second largest living cats after tigers, weighing more than 500 pounds. While they generally prefer to hunt large ungulates, they sometimes kill other predators, although they usually do not eat them.


Never a dull moment on safari.

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