Majestic Waialeale Mountain: A 5,000-Foot Emerald-Green Wonder With Thousands Of Small Waterfalls Reaching Into The Sky

Hawaii is truly a mesmerizing destination, boasting unparalleled natural splendor, including some of the most awe-inspiring waterfalls worldwide. While Akaka Falls on the Big Island and the waterfalls along Maui’s Pipiwai Trail are beloved by many, there is one waterfall that captivates beyond compare—it is not just part of the crowd; it is the crowd. Nestled deep within the heart of Kauai, the remarkable Weeping Wall in Hawaii beckons with its magnificent display of cascading waterfalls, gracefully descending the towering, lush cliffs of Mount Waialeale. This mountain stands as one of the rainiest places on the planet, enhancing the grandeur of this breathtaking sight

The Weeping Wall in Kauai hike is quite dangerous and treacherous, but there are several helicopter tours available that will allow you to safely catch a glimpse of this natural wonder

Mount Waialeale translates to “rippling water” or “overflowing water” in Hawaiian, a quite fitting name for a mountain that is literally littered with waterfalls. It’s easy to see why it’s known as the Wall of Tears in Kauai!

Taking a helicopter tour on Kauai is perhaps the most popular way to experience the waterfalls. Pilots have been known to hover near the base of the falls to give you a closer look

With both 60 and 90-minute tours, we suggest checking out Jack Harter Helicopters for an incredible experience

More experienced adventurers can instead choose to embark on the strenuous three-mile hike into the Blue Hole, a deep canyon at the base of the Weeping Wall on the mountain’s eastern slopes

If you want to complete the hike, we highly recommend hiring a guide, as the trail isn’t clearly marked and flash flooding is common

Mount Waialeale is the second-wettest spot on Earth, receiving a staggering 450 inches of rain each year, and is almost always shrouded in clouds

As a matter of fact, the summit only peeks through the clouds an average of 20 days each year

No wonder you’ll spot so many waterfalls in one place

The incredibly lush mountain, stark white lines of the cascading waterfall, and looming clouds all work together to create an awe-inspiring oasis unlike anywhere else in the world

Still not 100 percent sure that the Weeping Wall in Kauai is the coolest waterfall ever? This incredible footage, uploaded by Vimeo user Hawaii Revealed, just may convince you

Still not 100 percent sure that the Weeping Wall in Kauai is the coolest waterfall ever? This incredible footage, uploaded by Vimeo user Hawaii Revealed, just may convince you

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