Lucky turtle narrowly escaped a tiger shark’s clutches in Coral Bay, in Western Australia’s Pilbara region

A drone flying over the ocean captured the fighting spirit of a turtle trying to avoid becoming a sharks lunch.

The turtle narrowly escaped a tiger shark’s clutches in Coral Bay, in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.

Footage shows the shark circling as it attempts to latch onto the creature, but the predator only manages to scrape the shell with it’s jagged teeth.

At one point the shark almost snags the animal but the turtle is able to make a miraculously escape.

A tiger shark tried eating a turtle in Coral Bay, far north of Perth

The turtle twisted and turned, never allowing the shark to latch onto it

Dylan Dhaas caught the moment after travelling 1,122kms from Perth to the bay.

He’d noticed a commotion in the water and initially thought it might be a couple of dolphins playing in the water.

‘This large tiger shark was trying to catch the turtle, which is their favourite food on the Ningaloo Reef,’ Mr DeHaas said.

‘However, the turtle has evolved with such predators and managed to use its shell to protect itself from being grabbed by the shark.

‘The turtle eventually got away as the tiger shark gave up trying.’

Tiger sharks are known to have the widest diet of any shark, which includes turtles, crustaceans, fish, seals, birds, squid, sea snakes, dolphins, and when they’re especially peckish, smaller sharks.

‘It may be hard to watch and everyone usually cheers for the turtle, but at the end of the day, the tiger shark needs to eat,’ Mr DeHaas said.

‘That’s just the circle of life in our oceans.’

Tiger and bull sharks have been a menace in WA’s waters as of late, with sightings across the western coast and the mauling of a teenage girl in February.

At one point the shark almost latches on, but some slippery spins allow the turtle to break free

Eventually the turtle is seen hurriedly swimming into the distance

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