Jaw-Dropping Triumph: Buffalo Defies Odds, Hurls Lion 6ft Skyward in Epic Six-Hour Battle, Captivating South African Spectators

A lioness is sent spinning into the air by a buffalo as the two big beasts clashed in the Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa.

The two predators targeted a buffalo bull on a cold winter’s morning in the bush kick-starting a six-hour battle of endurance.

The bull was able to use its horns to flip one of the big cats into the air, but the lioness soon returned to the fray.

A buffalo flings a lioness into the air during an encounter at the Londolozi Game Reserve, South Africa

A lioness is thrown into the air by the buffalo during the attack, in the Londolozi Game Reserve, South Africa

Despite managing to wrestle the buffalo bull to the ground, the young lionesses showed their inexperience and were unable to close in for the kill.

The pair of lionesses had an epic six hour battle of endurance with a buffalo

After an almighty six hour struggle, the buffalo was miraculously able to stand up, shake of the lionesses and make a run for it

Despite being bloody and covered in claw and teeth marks, eyewitnesses reported that the bull escaped

‘A swift attack by the buffalo saw one lioness go flying through the air and it looked like the showdown would swing the way of the buffalo.

The buffalo chases a lionesses at one point during the attack in the Londolozi Game Reserve, South Africa

‘They did exceptionally well to get the massive buffalo on to the ground but simply could not complete the hunt and kill their prey.