Here are 35 amazing gabion planter ideas for your garden very easy to DIY

If you are wondering what to add to your garden, beautiful and easy to DIY, here are some amazing gabion planter ideas.


My first lovely gabion planter is constructed with simplistic design.


Gravel rocks that make a stable base and a beautiful green plant on top. Wire mesh is holding together the rocks.

Sometimes we dwell on how to decorate the outside spaces of our homes, but when it comes to making a choice – simple decors are always on the right track.


Follow me as I present to you another lovely garden decoration.

Gardens are the places that we can turn something simple into a unique treasured piece of our garden.


It is no coincidence that gabion planters are perfect guests in the midst of spring. They are found in the yards of people who are gentle, caring and loving.

Stones bring tranquility, peace and remind us of the generousness of the Earth.


All thing beautiful are alive, they make us joyous. First you need to prepare the metal net in the shape you would like it to be, so that it will be easier then to put the soil and plant. Or you can buy some gabion planter baskets.


It is quite common with gabions to find one that has a rectangular shape.


The soil is protected and kept inside at its highest quality. The stones also separate it from the outside influences like wind, insects or other guests that are not welcome.

The best feature of all is that the plants have plenty of space and air to grow.


I always suggest getting a planter that can store the plants on a higher level than the ground. It’s like a raised flower bed, which you can DIY.

It would be much easier to arrange it without bending too much. Perfect for people suffering of back pain.


Have you ever encountered gabion planters that are used as cocktail tables?

Well, there is a first time for (almost) everything. These are pretty amazing and an incredible décor for outside spaces.


There is a personalized touch as well as a homey, romantic feeling to it. You can use some for flowers and some for tables.


As we get to realize that we can feel stylish and fashionable in nature as well, my next piece is a thing of beauty.


The vibrant colors of the flowers, the enchanting stones, and the impressive height are all perfection. Such a serene reminder of beauty. At the back you can see some more impressive flower gabions.

Another idea that is not worth missing out on is having a number of planters lined by the wall and paint the wire mesh in some vibrant color – red for example. Adding color will make them stand out.


A beautiful yard simply calls for more than one of these! The home begins to look like a fortress of nature and peace.


Off to my next location, let us take a look at this urban décor.

Some of the best qualities of stones are about stability and endurance. The masterpieces of decorators are better if they are not blown away by the strong wind. We have raised flower beds, a bench to rest and also gabion wall.  Gabion walls are getting more and more popular, because they are beautiful and add a lot of value to any home.

This can just as easily be implemented inside a private home.

This small planter has been designed in a similar way to the staircases of the homes.

Every plant has its own floor and it does not interfere with the beauty of the other plants. Not that hard to have in the garden, you only have to wish for it.

You can put some small flowers inside the gabion, but should be careful not to spill the soil. Because of it’s spiral form it’s harder to DIY.


Ideally, we would all be living in gorgeous glass houses with plenty of space, air and trees around.

The sunlight would enter in the morning and we would never feel cramped or like we are missing something.

As I imagine this, I can only add to my imaginary home tons of greenery around and pieces like this one. Sturdy and big enough gabion planter which could sustain small flowers, plants and herbs.

I adore white stones. They speak of depth, peace, and purity.

We wish for comfort every now and then and we strive to achieve it as if it something practical.

It is not, comfort is the stillness inside and this beautiful planter can only add to it.

What’s more interesting about it is that there are plants on the side.


Gabions can be amazing homes for a large number of plants.

The flora and fauna are of the Earth are cultivated in the places where we live.

If you are wondering what kind of plants to add to your home, browse through the Kingdom of the plants to select those that reflect your love for nature.

This is a gorgeous square gabion planter that can live up to the highest expectations.

Collecting objects like this one in your home cannot ever be a mistake.

There are also cages for planters that are engineered in such a way that there are frequent water and nutrients supplies. Planters are indeed incredible!


If you can find spherical wire mesh to use for your planter then it’s easy to recreate these DIY gabion planters. Adding different type of rocks will make them a lot more attractive.

Never thought a garden pond could be fit into a gabion planter, but this looks like a nice garden decoration.

I suppose there is some plastic container inside to keep the water and a drainage somewhere on the back side.


This gabion planter is made with white pebbles for the lower part and rocks for the higher part.

Using decorative gabion wall you can create some nice flower beds in front of your house. The rocks will be as a natural edging of the lawn.

You can get more creative by making sections with different height.


What about waterfall gabion planter? At the top you can plant some succulents or other small flowers and have a waterfall at the front. Using waterfalls in outdoor design is trendy and listening to the water is very calming and relaxing.

It looks like this one is a bit more sophisticated and would need a professional to do it.

Gabion planters are not only for flowers, you can plant some evergreen trees like spruce or pine. Be careful though as it become bigger you’ll have to replant it in your garden.

There are some mini trees that you can put in the planter and never worry about replanting.


Mini gabion planters are suitable for small flowers or succulents and could be placed on a table or to decorate your porch.

As they are not so heavy and easy to move, you can even place them inside your house.

You can incorporate a spiral gabion planter in front of your house garden and make it even more appealing.

This beautiful decorative gabion planter with small blue pebbles is created as an accent to the interior design. It’s clean and shiny and would make a gorgeous statement in any home.

Gabions are not only in geometrical forms, you can create whatever you like with the wire mesh and then fill it with rocks or pebbles. Here is a great art gabion in the form of tortoise.

You can create raised flower bed that surrounds your front yard and is so beautiful that all your neighbors will envy you.

You can use gabion planters for Christmas decoration. Just add some pine cones, garlands and lights and you will have original idea for Christmas.

A three tier hexagonal gabion planter. Created from 3 hexagonal planters of different heights to create this amazing setting.

Another great spiral gabion planter with small red flowers. Suitable for small garden or backyard.

You can use various items for gabions, like roof tiles, ceramic pots and bricks.  Use your imagination to think of something original and interesting.

Tomato cage turned into a beautiful gabion planter. You can read about the DIY gabion planter here.

I hope you liked this selection of gabion planters and would like to try making some of them on your own.

It’s not that hard to make one, just get a gabion wire mesh and some rocks.