Giant dogs that refuse to let babies sleep alone, stand guard and provide a comforting presence, demonstrating their unwavering love and protective nature.

  • Baby Mia won’t fall asleep without her pets by her side. The adorable video shows Mia sleeping with her dog, Phil, and cat, Milo. None of the pets wants to leave her side.

    According to Mia’s mum, her bedtime routine has changed significantly in the last couple of weeks. Mum fears that she may be going through her terrible two’s and hence the sleep challenges.

    Bedtime becomes a challenge, especially if the toddler starts shrieking, won’t sleep, or you must run around after them. There’s something about a routine that just rubs toddlers the wrong way.

    It’s essential to create a calm environment and a bedtime routine to help the toddler to sleep. Mum plans to limit daytime naps to help Mia sleep better at night.

    Mia prefers to lie on mum’s and dad’s bed to fall asleep flanked by her pets. She refuses to sleep unless these conditions are met.

    The pets – a cat and a dog- are helping Mia wind down and eventually fall asleep. It makes for adorable viewing to see the cat and dog sleeping on either side of Mia in bed.

    The pets are not eager to leave the room when mum and dad move Mia to her baby cot. The cat even follows Mia to her bedroom, showing their deep connection.