From Trash to Treasure: The Puppy Rescued From Minnesota Dumpster Receives Outpouring of Love From Community

Dumpsters are never the answer—there are always humane ways to rehome pets

Credit: Puppy Rescued From Minnesota Dumpster

After being cast aside callously, one little puppy inspired an outpouring of community support thanks to a curious mechanic who was willing to look inside a dumpster.

The story starts last Thursday when R.J. Cornforth was taking a break outside the Midas Auto Repair where he works in Shakopee, Minn. Noises coming from a nearby dumpster surprised him, so he lifted the lid to investigate. He looked inside and saw a backpack, zipped up tight but moving slightly. He unzipped the pouch and the face of a small, tan puppy looked back at him.

“My heart dropped. This dog didn’t need any of that,” Cornforth told WCCO. “How could you do that to this puppy? You know what I mean? That’s heartless.”

According to a Facebook post from the Shakopee Police Department, a veterinarian diagnosed the pupper with a bacterial infection and a fractured jaw. The little guy is, however, expected to make a full recovery.

He’s also received an outpouring of love and support since being pulled from the trash. Cornforth has taken the little guy in—fittingly naming him Midas—while the community has reached out in droves, donating snacks, toys, and well wishes while even offering cash. It all came after an initial Facebook post from Shakopee police took off.

“I’ve taken more phone calls today about the puppy than we have for car work,” shop owner Reed Styve told WCCO. “It’s been crazy.”

Styve said he’s redirected people looking to give monetary donations to local animal shelters instead. Shakopee police, meanwhile, have no suspects or leads but are reminding people humane options are always available.

“With social media and the internet at our fingertips, there is no shortage of options for finding a person willing to rehome your pet,” the department’s initial Facebook post reads. “Please be kind to our animal friends!”

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