Embracing Uniqueness: Conjoined Twins Defy Stereotypes with Individuality, Flourishing Careers, and Personal Success

Abigail (often called Abby) and Brittany Hensel (born 1990) are extremely famous conjoined twins living in Minnesota, USA . Thanks to their appearance on MC Ophrah Winfrey’s show, they have their own reality show called Joined for life and most importantly, make everyone admire them for their strength and optimism in adversity.

When the two sisters were born, doctors and parents were extremely shocked to see “the baby girl had two heads”. Before that, their mother had an ultrasound during pregnancy and only saw an image of a normal baby girl. Unexpectedly, they were conjoined twins with 2 heads, 2 spines, 3 lungs, 2 hearts, 2 stomachs, 3 kidneys, but only 2 legs, 2 arms, 1 liver. Their bodies also share the same circulatory system and genitals.



The two sisters each control one leg and one arm and share many common body parts

Doctors quickly said that Abby and Brittany’s chances of survival were extremely slim. Therefore, the medical world was surprised to see that this pair of sisters was still alive and well. Until now, when they are both 31 years old, Abby and Brittany still have stable health, although of course they cannot be like normal people.



At first glance, Abby and Brittany look like one person with two heads

Because they had to “share” their legs and some other parts, the two sisters soon learned how to accept the situation and were skillful in synchronizing movements and coordinating actions with each other. The two can coordinate their activities so perfectly that they easily learn to play the piano, swim, ride a bicycle and play sports.

Living in such special circumstances, Abby and Brittany are not dependent on each other and are “doubles” of each other as many people think. Each person can only control their own side of the body, and they cannot feel the body of their sister on the other side. They are always proud to share that the two of them are very independent, separate individuals with different, even completely opposite, personalities and interests.



The two always affirm that they are two extremely independent girls


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