‘Don’t worry … take a SELFIE!’ Family get a fright when a wild CHEETAH sits on their open sun roof and poses for an incredible safari photo

This is the incredible moment a cheetah jumps on to the roof of a jeep on safari to pose for a selfie with a family.

The group, who were on holiday in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, can’t believe their eyes as the cheetah can be seen stalking the car before it took a leap near the open sun window.

A terrifying video shows the shocked group lost for words as the cheetah calmly sits on the car and peers in to look at them.

Leilani, 13, was brave enough to pose for a photo with a cheetah who jumped on their jeep in Serengeti

The predator lay in the shade and sat comfortably with its paw through the window while the frightened family stared in disbelief

The cat, who pants and flops his paw comfortably through the window, appeared to be more concerned about keeping himself in the shade than by the frightened family staring back at them.

The camera panned around the group who laugh nervously in disbelief at the once-in-a-lifetime encounter with the cheetah.

A fearless tour guide immediately takes his phone out to snap some photos and says ‘it’s a selfie!’

Thirteen-year-old Leilani came face-to-face with the predator as she neared close to the wild cat to have her photo taken.

The cat, who pants and flops his paw through the window, seems more concerned about keeping himself in the shade than by the frightened family staring back at them

The family appeared to laugh with disbelief as the wild cat hung around their jeep for a rest

Finally the cat decided to make a move and leaped back into the savanna to scare more tourists

But luckily the cheetah had just hunted, killed and eaten so it was not hungry for tourists.

Finally the curious cheetah decided to make a move and leaped from the jeep back back into the savanna to scare other tourists.

The end of the video shows the youngest member of the group staring with disbelief at the incredible photo opportunity she has managed to get.


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