Do you know what your baby’s new born moments are like?

After the initial assessments are done, your baby will be ready to have their first feed. This is an important moment as it helps establish breastfeeding and provides your baby with important nutrients and antibodies. Some babies will take to breastfeeding right away, while others may need some time to get the hang of it. It’s important to be patient and seek the help of a lactation consultant if needed.

The first few days

In the first few days after birth, your baby will be adjusting to life outside of the womb. They may sleep for long periods, wake up often to feed, and have periods of alertness. Your baby may also experience some common newborn issues, such as jaundice or diaper rash. Your healthcare provider will monitor your baby closely during this time to ensure they are healthy and developing properly.

Bonding with your baby

Bonding with your baby is an important part of the newborn experience. This can include cuddling, singing, talking, and skin-to-skin contact. It’s important to make time for bonding, even during the busy and exhausting first few weeks of parenthood. This helps create a strong attachment between you and your baby, which is important for their emotional and social development.

In conclusion, the arrival of a newborn baby is a special and unforgettable moment in a parent’s life. Understanding what to expect during those first few hours and days can help you feel more prepared and confident as a new parent. Remember to seek support from your healthcare provider, family, and friends, and take time to cherish those precious newborn moments.

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