Check out the following 57 house entrance design ideas to inspire you that welcomes guests in and shows off your personality

The first thing that guests will notice as they approach your home is the entrance. That’s why it’s important that this area be one that welcomes guests in and shows off your personality. This is your chance to give your home that curb appeal you’ve always dreamt of.

Lucky for you, we put together a list of some amazing house entrance ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Check out the following 57 house entrance design ideas to inspire you in creating your own!

1. Energetic Color

Orange is an energizing color. Covering your door with this hue brightens the space and brings more dimension to the area.

2. Modern Design

Supplement your house’s modern architecture with the walkway that leads up to it. The rectangular concrete slabs are different sizes, providing a unique aesthetic.

3. Sidelights

Sidelights, tall skinny windows that flank the door, bring in more natural light and add an extra element of design. Flood your space with the extra warmth.

4. Craftsman Style

Craftsman-style homes emphasize horizontal lines, have triangular roofs, utilize exposed beams and rafters, and have thick columns. Earthy tones give it that nice, natural look.

5. Wooden Archway

Pull similar colors throughout the exterior of your house. The stain used on the front door is also seen on the trim and columns.

6. Lots Of Natural Light

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Natural light is one of the best ways to create a warm, welcoming environment. As the sun moves throughout the day, it will cast different shadows across the entrance.

7. Tiny But Mighty

Make a “wow” entrance even with a small house and front porch. The stained wood of the porch and door stands out against the soft grey siding of the house.

8. Expansive Stone

The vast expanse of stone on the floor, walls, ceilings, and even columns cannot be missed. The natural colors and patterns in the stone work wonders.

9. Garden Entrance

Guide guests to the front door by the use of a carefully manicured garden. The plants serve as an organic way to add texture, color, and depth.

10. Bright Blue Hue

A lovely way to brighten your entrance is by painting your door. Increase that curb appeal with a fresh coat of paint! Pick a classic color or spice things up a little bit with a color like this one.

11. Simplicity

Make your front door the focal point of the entrance. A stairway that leads right up to the door creates the perfect path.

12. Moody Stained Door

The deep stain of this front door contrasts beautifully with the white walls and columns of this home. The sidelights also have a decorative pattern to give the space more depth.

13. Wraparound Porch

A wraparound porch creates a warm and welcoming entrance. It encourages outdoor gatherings for entertainment in all types of weather conditions. It promotes relaxation and gives you time to slow down.

14. Statement Wreath

Dress up your front door with decor items like a large statement wreath. Change the wreath out as the different seasons and holidays come around.

15. Geometric Two Tone

Two tones never looked so good. This geometric home employs the use of white paint and gorgeous stained planks. The white walls on the house’s exterior make the vibrant plants pop and add interesting detail.

16. Porch Charm

A porch can add a lot of charm to an entrance. The pillar and railing pair calls attention to the inviting porch.

17. Crisp Trim

One way to create a gorgeous entrance is by making sure your house’s trim is crisp. The white trim is a timeless touch and always looks fresh.

18. Symmetric Plants

Flank your entrance with a pair of potted plants or use shrubs to line the walkway. Seasonal plants are a great option for rotating new color and texture to the space.

19. Warm Welcome

Welcome your guests with a literal “welcome” sign on your door. The collection of the doormat, topiary, and springtime tulips are perfect personal touches to the space.

20. Seasonal Display

Change up your entrance decor as the seasons change. The broad chair on the small porch serves as an excellent area for placing your seasonal decor and plants.

21. Rusty Red Greeting

Amidst the tangle of lush greenery, this rusty red door boldly stands out. The greenery calls attention to the door, so why not emphasize the space even more with a fun paint color?

22. Dainty Decor

Sometimes all your entrance needs is a dainty wreath or other door decoration to pull the space together in harmony. It adds a touch of your personality.

23. Trail Of Potted Plants

When you have a stairway that leads right to your door, take advantage of the space you do have: the stairs. Position playful pots and plants along the staircase.

24. Complements

Notice how the plants complement the colors of the door and red brick exterior. Doing so makes the area look cohesive and carefully designed.

25. Broad Area

A broad porch can serve as a great greeting to your guests. The wide space gives a sense of openness.

26. Framed Doorway

The stone arch surrounding the door emphasizes the door’s shape and creates a dramatized look. This can also give your guest’s a sense of what your home’s interior style will be like.

27. Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is versatile in its design and texture. The wicker can bring balance to the entrance area and bring its air of casual warmth.

28. Playful Hues

Have fun with colors in your entrance. Though a door color is more permanent in nature, try changing out your wreaths and other porch decor to bring in some new color. Vintage finds like a trumpet planter and garden bunny add personality.

29. Color Family

Orange and yellow belong to the warm color family, evoking feelings of sunlight, passion, and positivity. Using the different tones will brighten the space and breathe new life into it.

30. Simple Decor

Sometimes all you need is simple decor to craft a perfect entrance to your house. The neutral color palette of the house gives the accent pieces a spotlight. Bright red geraniums and a small wall hanging are emphasized by the color palette.

31. Glass Doors

Glass front doors come in all kinds of styles, giving you the ability to let your style shine through. It’s like having artwork welcome in your guests.

32. Warmth From Wood

There’s no denying that the presence of wood gives everything a cozy appeal. It transforms your space to be the ultimate welcome.

33. Neutral Tones

Neutral, earth-colored tones are used to create organic, soothing, inviting areas. Accent the area with plants and a pair of chairs. Door knockers are an excellent way to create more interest and tell a story.

34. Planked Ceiling

A wooden plank ceiling is a great way to add more architectural interest to the entrance of your house. It’s also a convenient way to cover up any old, ugly ceilings.

35. Stormy Tones

Mix and match grey tones to craft a stormy, moody entrance. This way it’s easy to use accent color pieces whenever you’d like.

36. Corner Entrance

Having your entrance tucked into a corner makes for an intriguing entry.

37. Modern Delight

The whole house makes a modern statement with its usage of concrete, metal, glass, and wood.

38. Traditional Appeal

This traditional style home is all things calm and soothing. Gorgeous color and texture are the emphasis for this entrance.

39. Overhang

An overhang provides shade and protection from rain toy our guests that are waiting to come inside.

40. Color Blocking

Color blocking gives you the ability to add in a collection of color without having to commit to just one. Make sure the colors go well together before you cover your entrance!

41. All-Around Lighting

Illuminate the entrance to make it as inviting as possible.

42. Garden Treasures

A garden and porch full of flowers is one of the best things you can do to create an unforgettable entrance.

43. Glass Panels

The glass inserts on these doors have an interesting pattern to them that add individuality to the entrance. Thriller-filler-spiller plant arrangements pair perfectly.

44. Consistent Shape

Carry the arch structure throughout the entrance’s architectural design like seen in the entrance arch and door.

45. Half Wall

Border your door and porch with a half wall. It helps add dimension and separation where needed.

46. Royal Blue

A royal blue double door stands out against the natural colors of the gravel pathway and brick walls.

47. Manicured Lawn

A manicured lawn will add instant curb appeal to your house. The lawn will easily welcome guests to your entrance.

48. Chartreuse Greeting

This chartreuse door brings a pop of color and is the perfect companion to the flowers in the raised bed.

49. Flower Baskets

A pair of hanging flower baskets diversifies the look of your entrance in the best way.

50. Porch Lighting

Porch lighting is a critical piece for your entrance. The design and light it gives off help with the overall aesthetic.

51. Climbing Plants

Flowering, climbing plants are the perfect decoration for your house’s exterior walls and to frame the entrance.

52. Color, Color, Color

Give your entrance a makeover in lots of color. Color is one of the best ways to create an inviting entrance.

53. Welcome Mat

The simple addition of a welcome mat will do wonders for your entrance. Welcome mats come in sorts of styles, colors, and sizes to fit your vision.

54. Color Contrasts

Black helps tie together certain areas due to its demanding presence. It brings a dose of refreshing simplicity.

55. Elegane

The black and white color combination is one of the classiest, most traditional, elegant looks of all time. Throw in a pair of large potted ferns for that beautiful color and texture addition.

56. Intriguing Fixtures

This modern maven is all things eye-catching. The door overhang has a modern flair from the glass panels and metal holding structure.

57. Grand Entrance

Columns, wide staircases, sweeping porches, and large planters foster the right conditions for a grand entrance.

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