Battle for Survival: Cape Buffalo Defends Against Lions and Crocodile in an All-Out War for Its Life


Caught between a rock and a hard place is an understatement.

Kruger National Park in South Africa is pretty much universally recognized as the best safari you can go on.

The nature preserve has a countless number of animals that tourists from around the globe flock to see. From predators like cheetahs and hyenas to universally loved elephants and hippos, there’s something for everyone, but you just need to be aware that you may stumble upon some very disturbing scenes.

The video begins with a stampede of what I believe to be impala galloping through the woods, clearly trying to get away from some danger before the camera cuts to a lone cape buffalo at the edge of the water.

Coming out of nowhere, the croc begins snapping viciously at the buffalo’s head, attempting to latch on and bring him under the surface, but this isn’t the bull’s first rodeo. He shrugs off attack after attack and begins making his way back to shore, where he’d be safer from the crocodile, but where the lions were patiently waiting in the shade.

The buffalo decides his only course of action is to go on the attack and buy some time, hoping an escape rout will show itself. Cutting back and forth on the land, he actually does begin to run off the lions and create some space for himself when a near miracle occurs.

I absolutely promise it’s 5 minutes of time very well spent.

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