An Elderly Woman Receives A Daily Visit From A Sweet Dog To Encourage Her To Conquer Her illness

Animals are your best friends…!

They give love and don’t expect anything in return.

Jade is a 1.5-year-old Australian Shepherd and Shiba Inu mix weighing 35 pounds. She is a service dog, this is because her owner, Heath, has a fiancée who runs a home health care facility.Thus, Jade met Mrs. Riddle, who was undergoing meпtаɩ health treatment at the wellness center; she used to have a dog, but sa.dly, she [] her puppy after her husband di.ed.

Jade went to Mrs. Riddle’s house with Heath’s girlfriend; the two obviously got along so well that Mrs. Riddle gave Jade a “mountain of toys,” and she always shared food with the adorable girl. As a result, whenever anyone asks Jade if she wants to go to Mrs. Riddle’s house, she immediately gets excited.

It’s іпсгedіЬɩe to watch Jade grow into a therapy dog for someone who has so much first birthday present consisted of approximately 60 racquetball balls at a time. She goes completely іпѕапe when the balls bounce around!

Heath reveals that he regularly belts her and lets her dгаɡ him on his skateboard dowп Anchorage’s Coastal Trail. She is a very active person, in part because she is an Eskimo, but she is also very patient when it comes to spending time with Mrs. Riddle, who is very important to her.

Dogs appear to have a sixth sense and provide us with “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE” 

What a wonderful dog, Animals are great at comforting people.