Adventurer records his descent into Antelope Canyon and it’s breathtaking

A man recently heard about a magical place located in the middle of the dry desert that contained some magical beauty. He was from Paris, France and loved adventure and the beauty of Mother Nature. The place he heard about was no easy place to get to, but he had heard that it would be absolutely worth it. It is nearly completely hidden from the surface but what this place contains will take your breath away. He set out to find a place he had heard of called Lower Antelope Canyon with his tripod and camera. Scaling down into the hole was a little bit of a trick, but he was a skilled climber and overcame the tremendous obstacle. He never expected what he was about to see. Take a look at the images taken in the bottom of Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona:


This is the entrance into the abyss.

His first view while descending down into what would be a nightmare for anyone who is claustrophobic.


These colors are like nothing I have ever seen. Absolutely breathtaking.

The morning light started to make its way down with the adventurer.

“It was almost 9am. The sun was rising and the light was slowly coming down.”


Formed by thousands and thousands of years of erosion from wind and water wearing down the soft sandstone.

The sun rays are simply majestic.


A cascade of sand.

There are not many places in the world that can boast this kind of natural beauty.

The way the light dances through the, out of this world, cliffs is a thing of beauty.


This place seems like it belongs in a fantasy dream.

This place is unlike any other part of the world and seriously seems alien. I am fortunate enough to live pretty close to this magical area and I cannot describe its true beauty in words. It is a place that has to be experienced in person. Needless to say, if you’ve never been, I highly suggest you do so. These pictures are almost surreal.

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