700-pound moose stuck on railroad track rescued by kind-hearted people

WATCH: Massive Moose Stuck on Bridge Rescued by Crane

A moose got stuck on an active railroad bridge in Vermont, and it took a crane to rescue the large animal.

Luckily, the moose sustained minimal injuries and was safely relocated so it could return to the wild.

The incident occurred in southern Vermont, where local game wardens and wildlife biologists, with help from the Springfield Fire Department, sedated the moose and then moved it using a railroad crane truck.

The department posted a video of the rescue to Facebook, writing that “it is rare that this kind of intervention makes sense because of the risk posed to the animal and responders. Such recoveries are many times not successful. It’s great to see that in this case it ended well for those involved and for this very fortunate moose. A great job by all, and a special thanks from the Vermont Fish & Wildlife to those who helped in this effort, including Vermont Rail System, Springfield Fire Department, and the Town of Cavendish, Vermont!”

Watch the rescue in the video below:

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