46 small rock garden decoration ideas, easy to care for, low budget

Share ideas for “decorating a small rock garden”, use a low budget, save time. do it yourself landscaping a rock garden in front of the house To look beautiful is not difficult. Plus, using the budget, saving, getting bored and tearing down Easy to rearrange Is another option for people who don’t have much free time Take care Today we bring 56 ideas to share. Let’s have a look…

Choosing stones to arrange a rock garden to meet the needs of the house or the way you like.

Choosing trees to plant in rock gardens that are suitable for rock gardens.


rock garden around the base of the tree

Rock gardens in different corners of the house


small rock garden The front of the house looks beautiful.

adjusting the area for drainage


adding charm and fill it with beauty Give a garden with different stones

Beautiful with every corner of the house without grass











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