Video Horrible scene: The man appeared calm in the presence of snakes, the video scared netizens

You could be forgiven for fearing snakes, after all they aren’t man’s best friend. However, it looks like that’s not really true for everyone – at least not for one man who seems to enjoy their company.

In a bizarre but frightening video that has surfaced online, a man is seen sitting in an area surrounded by snakes, unfazed. The 12-second video was shared on Twitter by a user named Aqualady, and it has gone viral with almost three lakh views within 24 hours of being made available online.

The video shows zoo founder Jay Brewer sitting in the midst of several large snakes. Even though the sight is enough to send a chill down the spine of most people, he seems positively upbeat in the presence of the reptiles – even describing the scene as his dream come true.

The video was shared by the zoo in 2019, but has resurfaced now. Aqualady’s tweet read, “CAN YOU SPEND 1 HOUR INSIDE HERE FOR 50 MILLION DOLLARS??”  I’m not sure many would fancy putting their life in jeopardy, even for that amount of money.

Social media users freaked out after watching the video, that garnered thousands of likes and retweets. Some of the comments on the post suggested that people might just consider taking up that offer, but with some conditions.

Well, safe to say  Brewer is one brave man.

In another incident last week involving a snake, a property manager in UK was in for a shock when he discovered a four-foot long snake at a property he was preparing for viewings.

The man had gone round to the house when he discovered his first, unexpected visitor

Having just reached the front door of the property, the man saw the reptile curled up on top of a small bush next to the front door to the house.

He alerted the authorities and neighbours put a cardboard box over the snow corn snake to try protect it from the cold and rain until animal rescuers arrived.

They managed to safely capture the snake – which is native to North America – and confined it in a box. They then put it in a van with the heating on full blast, as the snake was ‘so cold’.

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