Unforgettable Journey: An abandoned dog’s search for love and an eternal home evokes deep emotions in all witnesses

Shelter staff understand more than anyone that life isn’t perfect, and sometimes things happen that can completely change everything. Jobs are lost. Houses downsized. Families fall apart. Relationships fail. And sadly, the shelter gets to see first hand the collateral damage caused by these events.

As the only open admission shelter in our county, we have to take in every animal that comes through our doors. And a great deal of surrenders are often a direct result of a life changing event. Still, we ask very little from our community. We ask that you try and rehome your pets first, and let the shelter be the last resort. We ask that you reach out to local rescues, and let them help out. We ask that you give us good descriptions of your animals, so that they have a better chance at finding the right home. And we ask for simple honesty, because we know how difficult a decision it can be to surrender a beloved pet.

Kane, a sweet and affectionate four year old, was brought in two months ago as a stray. He was microchipped, and the microchip led us to his registered owner. When we contacted her, she informed us that she had recently divorced, and moved out of state. Kane had been left behind with her ex-husband. She provided all the information for him. We were excited at the possibility of reuniting Kane with his owner, until we realized it was his owner who had turned him in as a stray.

Sweet Kane was collateral damage, and neither one of his owners wanted to reclaim him. Amazingly, it hasn’t changed anything about him. Kane is a genuinely happy dog; his face lights up when he gets attention, he’s affectionate, good with other dogs, amazing with people. At 40lbs, he’s strong, small and muscular. Kane is handsome, goofy and gentle, and yet, in the 64 days that he has been here, he has received very little attention from anyone outside of staff and volunteers.

Kane was given up, but he hasn’t given up on love. We know there’s someone out there for Kane, the right home, the right heart. Someone who won’t take this sweet dog for granted, and who will understand the lifelong commitment of having a pet. Everyone who knows him and takes him out knows just how much this sweet dog yearns for love. He doesn’t want treats or toys. Kane wants to be touched and hugged. He wants to spend his yard time on your lap, soaking up the hot sun, warm words and soft smiles.

Let’s get him seen. Let’s get him home.

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