The woгѕt emeгɡeпсу landing of a Boeing 747-400

These amazing machines never cease to fascinate… One can only try to imagine the stress on the wheels, the tires… The wing (outboard) landing gear bogeys are supposed to be tilted 50 degrees down from forward to aft. The body (inboard) gears are at 28 degrees. In this sim, it appears they are all at 28 degrees.

I believe the reason why Boeing increased the tilt all the way back to the 747-100 was to help correct for a wing low landing by having contact by the outboard landing gear help the aircraft re-acquire level flight as it was touching down on the other three gears. One of the chief reasons the 747 is pretty easy to land and the 767 (with a reverse (up) tilt from forward to aft) is not.

Awesome!  …It seems that the wings were made of very flexible plastic.The landing at minute 5:00 was fateful.  Practice makes perfect.  These are mighty giants in situations that could, under adverse conditions as shown here, well arise! Fortunately, however, these planes are quite well built, and pilots are trained to stay on top of even such dangerous conditions as demonstrated in this video.