The ‘muscular’ pigeon with feathers on its feet ѕрагkѕ curiosity, prompting questions about a distinctive and uniquely skilled animal ѕрeсіeѕ. na

The bird is a domesticated breed known for its very large crop, endlessly long legs and feathered feet, but people who had no clue were baffled when they watched the video

A strange-looking pigeon has left people stunned when a video showed the bird having a stroll in a garden.

The clip went viral on Twitter over the weekend as a user found an extraordinary tall pigeon.

“Like different types of domestic dogs, domesticated pigeons come in all shapes and sizes like this pouter pigeon,” they wrote.

At first glance, the pigeon, in grey and white shade, looks like the common type of bird that can be seen on the streets.

But it stands a few inches taller — with its endlessly long legs and white feathers covering the feet.

When the bird waddles its way closer to the camera, the very large crop becomes visible before the pigeon turns away to face towards the yard.

Online viewers were baffled as they commented, referring to a popular animation: “what in the Pokémon is that?”

A person wrote: “You are telling me that chickgeon can fly?”

“This looks like some s*** the high evolutionary was making,” a second said and a third said: “If I were five years old and you told me to draw a picture of a bird, this is what it would look like.”

Some said the breed of the bird is known as the English pouter pigeon.

And as others were searching it online, one said: “I should take back my comment, I did not realise this is a special breed.

“The bird is very unique.”

Another noted that pouter pigeons are often domesticated.

Meanwhile a creepy fish was washed ashore a beach in Portland, Orlando, and people were shocked to find “sail-like” fins and “fangs” in its mouth.

It’s later identified as lancetfish, which are known to migrate as far north as the Bering Sea to feed.

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