The Interior of a Renovated Vintage Travel Trailer Gets a Fresh New Look

Ron and Shayna of Darlin’ Trailers have shared photos of their recently completed remodel of a vintage 1948 Vagabond 23 travel trailer. The Hudson, aptly named as a nod to its birthplace, has been renovated to meet the needs for modern-day living without sacrificing the classic vintage style of the trailer.

Let’s take a look around…


The Exterior

The exterior of the travel trailer is striking, with a matte black and white finish, and wood accents.





The Entryway

Stepping inside, we see the light and bright interior is completely opposite to the dark exterior. The entryway includes a bench with a couple of storage baskets and a wall-mounted tv.




The Living Room

The living room is small but functional, with a sofa that transforms into a bed, allowing for two additional people to sleep in the trailer. Large windows, including a 6-foot skylight, add natural light to the interior and help to make it feel larger.

The Kitchen

At one end of the trailer is the kitchen, with wood cabinetry, a shelf, and a light-colored countertop. There’s also an induction cooktop and convection oven.

The Bedroom

A partition and curtain separate the living room and kitchen from the bedroom, where you’ll find a raised bed with plenty of storage underneath. There are also built-in bookshelves and charging stations.






The Bathroom

The opposite end of the trailer is home to the spa-inspired bathroom, with shelving, a vanity, toilet, and a shower.









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