Python's deаdɩу ѕtгіke! Hyena ѕwаɩɩowed Whole for dагіпɡ to ѕteаɩ ргeу from the Python. na

Python’s deаdɩу ѕtгіke! Hyena ѕwаɩɩowed Whole for dагіпɡ to ѕteаɩ ргeу from the Python. na

Although these preys are all oversized, pythons still try to prove to us one thing, that just… a big mouth is “done”!

The fact that gluttonous pythons attempt to swallow a whole prey twice their size is perhaps not surprising in the natural world.

In a video posted on youtube that has attracted many viewers, a horrible scene when a giant python tries to swallow a 100 kg hyena.

Specifically, this ill-fated hyena was ambushed by a python while looking for food. The python hid in the grass, making the hyena unrecognizable. The python suddenly attacked and grabbed the prey and squeezed the hyena.

The hyena could not escape, could not struggle, had to accept its fate, after only a few minutes the hyena died.

Finally, the python enjoys the meal by devouring its prey deliciously without being hurt.

Watch the video below:

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