Nothing can stop the Indian people when they have very unique transportation ideas


Unveiling Exquisite Treasures showcases extraordinary collections of rare and elusive cargo that leave spectators amazed. The displays feature stunning and hard-to-find items that captivate audiences with their exceptional beauty and uniqueness.

Many people still cannot understand why small cars can carry so many bulky items.

A rudimentary cyclo can carry the chassis of a car.


Dozens of bananas on an old box truck.

Oversized wooden slats seem to be dragged along the road.


The bicycle towing the trailer was a “mountain” of scrap sacks.

Hundreds of cans are loaded onto a motorbike.


The image is often seen on the streets of Vietnam when a cub truck carries hundreds of eggs, but it will be astrange thing for Western guests.

And the Western guests also “admired” the skill of driving and carrying such a long iron frame.


It seems that this woman can still carry more Styrofoam boxes?!

It’s still styrofoam, it’s just a matter of how to arrange it neatly and go!


A homemade tricycle to carry a huge pile of scrap.

It looks so big, but it’s so light!!!


Many people still cannot explain why a truck can carry so much.

The truck was long, but the rear cargo was more than twice as long.


Brick art is here!

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