“Monster Vegetable Master” Of The World’s Heaviest 29 Kg Radish Was Discovered In Canada

We all have our own passions in life. Some people enjoy experimenting with new recipes, while others have a collection of exotic spices and herbs at home. There are also those who find joy in gardening and growing their own flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Recently, a man from Canada turned his passion into a Guinness World Records achievement. Damien Allard, a cabinetmaker from Quebec, proudly owns three massive-sized turnips that have broken the record for being the heaviest turnips in the world.

According to the official website of Guinness World Records, the first turnip weighed 22.9 kg, the second weighed 24.4 kg, and the third turnip was an astonishing 29 kg. The third turnip measured 138 cm in circumference, 35 cm in height, and was 46 cm wide. All three turnips surpassed the previous record of a 17.7 kg turnip.

Guinness World Records shared the news on their Twitter account, saying, “He grew three giant turnips, ya dig?”

According to a report on www.guinnessworldrecords.com, Damien had been working on these turnips for the past year. He planted the seeds in 2020 and nurtured them for a whole year.

Damien’s quest to break the record for the world’s heaviest turnip began in 2016 when he grew a 7 kg turnip at home. In 2019, he came close to the previous record with a turnip weighing 15.5 kg.

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