I was astonished to uncover a one-ton golden lion during the excavation of a 2,000-year-old tomЬ.

The transportation network in China’s Xinjiang area is significantly іпfɩᴜeпсed by the Xinjiang Southern Railway.

It is worth mentioning that, 45 years ago, when railway workers built Yuergou station, they discovered a series of ancient tombs of different sizes.

Priceless treasures in the “Golden Tomb”

Specifically, in 1976, during the construction of Yuergou station, railway workers dug many ancient tombs.

The Xinjiang Institute of Cultural and Archaeological Relics said that these ancient tombs belong to the period from the Spring and Autumn Warring States to the Qin and Han dynasties, the owners of the tombs are all ethnic minorities.

In the following period, ancient tombs were excavated in the area more and more, amounting to more than 80 tombs.

The “Golden Tomb” has a depth of 7.1 meters, a length of about 6.56 meters, and a width of 4.22 meters.

The most startling is the gold lion card weighing 1 ton, carved lifelike.

In addition, archaeologists also discovered a unique lacquer ‘treasure’ in the ancient tomb, a very important discovery because it helps to put an end to the controversy over whether China is capable of making lacquer wares.

Unfortunately, the results of the excavation of the “Golden Tomb” have not been made public for various special reasons.

The mystery of the beauty of the owner of the ancient tomb

The massive amount of treasures in the “Golden Tomb” makes archaeologists and the public curious about who its owner is and what special background he has.

According to the research results of archaeologists, the owner of the tomb may have lived 2,135 years ago, was a female – a beauty who was only about 30 years old when she died.

In particular, there is a hole drilled in the skull of the owner of the tomb.

A nomadic people in ancient North Asia once used the technique of drilling holes in the skull to cure headaches.

Archaeologists speculate that the owners of the ancient tombs may have been the Cheshi or Huns, who are indigenous peoples with a long history in Turpan, with a special preference for hunting dogs, worshiping gold and fond of hunting.

However, the materials and patterns in the tomb are also compatible with the Xiongnu nobles, who lived in the area in the later period and also liked gold.

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