Hooray!! Heartwarming Video Shows Newborn Twins Filmed Talking to Each Other an Hour After Birth


Hooray!!! The day has finally arrived, the stork bringing into the family two bundles of joy. Anticipation and excitement in welcoming the twins. And maybe the twins must also be wondering what life is in store for them. For all we know they have already made a pact even inside the womb that they will face the world together. But of course, we wouldn’t know for sure.

Do twins have emotional connections? This has not been proven yet even scientifically, but it can’t be denied that they sometimes happen. There are some incidents that show signs of these emotional connections. They build a sense of empathy that generates physical sensations, such as when one of the twins was hurting the other feels it. Twins know each other intimately, maybe because they have been together from the time they were conceived to the time they come out to the world.

They are two individual humans but maybe due to nature or nurture they share the same wavelengths that they do similar things simultaneously. They form a relationship with one another that is completely separated from the entire family. However, so many instances that we witness these relationships and that i personally believe have something to do with the deep emotional attachment between the two.


We are all aware that the first hour of a baby outside the womb is discomfort, adjusting to a new environment, either crying or sleeping. But this one incident that happened when the twins were born instead was more anxious to communicate. But of course, everyone has their own opinion on the real meaning of the video. If you look closely they really are more interested in each other than their surrounding.

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