Harmonious Living: Coexisting with Magnificent Jaguars in the Amazon Village Landscape


A ranger is struggling to escape a leopard’s clutches.

This man tried to control the leopard with a rope.

The clip shows the leopard frantically running around the village and grabbing at least six people.

Earlier, locals had informed rangers that they had discovered a leopard hiding in a house.

After the ranger fired an anesthetic arrow at the big cat, it suddenly jumped over the wall and caused chaos throughout the village.

The crowd nervously watched the ranger and the leopard “put up” against each other.

Finally, the leopard was pushed to the ground.

In the video, dozens of people try to run away from the dangerous animal.

The leopard pounced on a man and tried to knock him down with its mouth and claws before attacking another resident.

The leopard chased a local resident while the others fled.

The leopard switched its target to someone else.

The villagers tried to surround the leopard in the net.

Hundreds of curious people watched the jaguar siege.

Rangers tried to stop the jaguar with an anesthetic gun twice in a row, but were unsuccessful. Only after the third dose of anesthetic did the animal show signs of absorption.

Khushwinder Singh, a ranger, said: ” We fired three anesthetic arrows but it was only neutralized on the third dose. When the leopard was going mad, the sedative had no effect on it.” .

The ferocious leopard was finally locked up in a house in the village. Hours later, a veterinary team from a nearby zoo arrived to remove the unconscious animal.

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