David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust performs a heroic гeѕсᴜe, saving an іпjᴜгed elephant in Tsavo East National Park. na

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust performs a heroic гeѕсᴜe, saving an іпjᴜгed elephant in Tsavo East National Park. na

In a commendable demonstration of dedication to wildlife conservation, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust promptly responded to a distress call concerning an injured elephant in the northern region of Tsavo East National Park.

The elephant, once an orphan but now freely roaming, had fallen victim to a lion attack, sustaining extensive bite and puncture wounds across its body.




The rescue team executed a meticulously planned immobilization, examination, and treatment process to ensure the well-being of the injured elephant.

Approaching the creature on foot, the team successfully administered 10 milligrams of Etorphine through a dan inject dart system, leading to a controlled descent after five minutes.

To aid in breathing and temperature control, the trunk and ear were strategically positioned.

Upon examination, the severity of the injuries became apparent, with bite and purulent puncture wounds covering the body.

Notably, the tail suffered a laceration at the base, leading to ischemic necrosis.

The team promptly amputated the necrotic tail and meticulously cleansed all wounds using a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and clean water.

Tincture of Iodine was applied, followed by a protective layer of wetted green clay to expedite the healing process.

Medical intervention continued with the administration of long-acting antibiotics through intramuscular injection and Dexamethasone Hcl via a prominent ear vein.

These medications aimed to prevent infection, manage inflammation, and support overall recovery.

After successful treatment, the team reversed the anesthesia using Diprenorphine at three times the initial Etorphine dose.

The resilient elephant regained consciousness and stood up, marking a positive turn in its journey to full recovery.

This swift and comprehensive rescue and rehabilitation effort by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust showcases their unwavering dedication to wildlife welfare and conservation.

The successful treatment of the injured elephant underscores the trust’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of every individual under its care, contributing to the broader mission of safeguarding the diverse wildlife within Tsavo East National Park.

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