After years of companionship, the rescued lioness hugs and kisses the man goodbye (VIDEO)

The image shows three Indian spectacled cobras, also known as naja naja, entwined and slithering around the tree trunk. It’s rare to see three cobras together in one place, especially in that pose.

Rescued lion says goodbye to the savior after 23 years together!

Thanks to this lady who loved him and treated him with such tenderness.



Jupiter is a Colombian lion who became famous while residing at Refugio Villa Lorena. He was rescued from the circus, where he was frequently abused and declawed.

Villa Lorena is an animal shelter like no other, caring for hundreds of abused animals, including this lion named Jupiter. Many of the animals had previously belonged to drug traffickers who had been apprehended.



Ana Julia Torres is the caretaker of four lions, nine Bengal tigers, jaguars, pumas, a crocodile, a spotted bear, an ostrich, Jocko the chimpanzee, spider monkeys, and hundreds of brightly colored birds. According to Ana Julia, they all have one thing in common: they have all been abused. They are lame or have lost an arm or a leg; They are blind, can’t concentrate, or have lost an eye.


Previously, Jupiter had lost trust in people and had developed a fear of human contact. This phobia vanished when he was attended by Ana Julia.

However, due to the alleged lack of documents to keep the lion, the authorities withdrew Jupiter from Ana Julia’s treatment.



Unfortunately, the vets diagnosed him with end-stage liver cancer and anemia. He quickly lost weight and became seriously ill. When she had the opportunity to see Ana Julia for the last time at the Los Caimanes Zoo, she discovered that he had kidney and liver damage and that he was very thin.


Jupiter succumbed to liver cancer and died in 2020, but his memory lives on. Goodbye Jupiter, you must be happy in heaven!


May this beautiful lion now rest in peace after so much suffering, and many thanks to the lady who loved him and raised him only to lose him. Thank God for the good people who work so hard to save them.

Cobras are considered sacred by many Indians and are often associated with religious beliefs and cultural practices. Despite their revered status, cobras can be dangerous if threatened, and their venom can be deadly.

The photo shared by the IFS officer and captured by the wildlife photographer is a testament to the beauty and complexity of Indian wildlife. It is a reminder that we must continue to protect and preserve these creatures and their habitats for generations to come.


In conclusion, the photo of the three cobras coiled around a tree trunk is a rare and beautiful sight that showcases the unique and diverse wildlife found in India. We must make sure that we protect and conserve these animals for future generations to appreciate and admire.

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