A testament to strength: Despite the toxісіtу of the paint, its genuine colors still radiate. na

Terrified and covered in toxic green paint, a little pit bull named Clover waited in a desert town outside of Los Angeles, hoping someone would notice her.

When a concerned passerby saw Clover’s shaking body, they knew they had to help. Soon, Clover was safe at the North Valley Veterinary Center.

The experts got to work healing Clover’s skin, which was badly burned by the dangerous paint.

“[The vets] gave her two medicated baths and were able to remove most of the paint,” Love Leo Rescue wrote at the time in a Facebook post about the puppy. “[S]he is getting a lot of love, being spoiled and pampered.”

Soon, Clover’s greenish tint disappeared to reveal her beautiful gray fur and sweet face.

After two weeks in the hospital, Clover’s skin looked much better. However, Clover still needed time to relax. The anxious pup moved in with Sasha Abelson, director of Love Leo Rescue and a dog lover determined to help Clover in any way possible.

“When she finally came to my house to be my new foster dog, she was sweet but closed off and shy,” Abelson told The Dodo. “I knew it was going to take a long time for him to learn to trust again.”

Abelson knew Clover’s future family needed to be empathetic to the nervous dog’s sensitivities. Eventually, Abelson contacted a patient couple who were excited to meet Clover.

The pair happily participated in training sessions with Clover, helping her relearn how to trust. In time, everyone could see that the three of them were meant to be together.

“Days turned into weeks and then weeks turned into months,” Abelson said. “It was clear that these two good humans were the perfect match for the special dog. She was given the time and space she needed to learn to trust and heal from her past trauma. Seeing her so loved and enjoying life really warms my heart.”

Now, Clover and her family have been enjoying the world together, free from fear and pain.

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