50 аmаzіпɡ ideas Luxury small houses that combine technology and design


    A Moving Tiny House Offering You with Calm and Competence.


    Need a break from the hectic and repeating routine? Planning a tour with your family? But don’t have ideas about the places offering amazing comfort? If yes, then don’t worry. You’ve reached the right place.

    In this article, we’re gonna discuss a movable tiny house designed for the whole family. The space this house covers is 500 m2. This house is built for spending the weekends the way you want.



    This extremely attractive and technically planned house is located in Urla, Izmir. The entire house is transportable. This tiny house is designed so that it can be moved anywhere in the location within 5 minutes. When the house occupies the right place, it’s able to use, and it takes almost five minutes for this.

    This tiny house is cleverly designed and architected.

    This tiny house has 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room, an outer sitting area, an outside dining area, a garden, and an organic farm. This isn’t easy to manage all these things in this space I must say.



    There’s an extraordinary sitting area outside the house. And also there’re all the facilities to enjoy the fire, under the sky on cold nights. The fire is driven by propane. You can have the fun of snacks there. But the outdoor area is phenomenal for spending the evenings. It’s worth seeing.

    Also, there’s a smart TV that’s placed in the box like an aquarium.

    To place the TV here was a challenge as it’s not easy to locate TV here. But the box is very strong and is made from a special material. Si TV is safe from everything when inside the box. You can connect Bluetooth as well to this device.


    The outer side of the house is extremely brightened using LED lights. There’s an outside dining area for about 6 people to enjoy the meals and the weather at the same time.



    A glass door is there to enter the house. This door opens to the kitchen of the house. The kitchen is wide and clean. There’s an amazing shelf there that holds all the things to the place. And the cooking range here is matchless. Cabinets are also built in the kitchen. It occupies all the pots and utensils for preparing meals and having meals.


    The whole kitchen is decorated using small flower and plant pots. This also has a refrigerator and an oven. The sink of this house is smooth and sanitized. There’re different stands for placing pans and the jars of spices.

    If you aren’t willing to dine outside the house, there’re 4 stools in the kitchen for dining and this is mostly used in the winters. The kitchen is adorned so well by using artificial plants and flowers. The startling coffee and tea makers there are a blessing in themselves.


    A beautiful mat is placed in front of the kitchen. This tiny house is basically divided into two parts from the kitchen. And this is done to change the claustrophobic look of the house. The whole house is highly ventilated.


    Next to the kitchen, there’s a living room. It contains a three-seater sofa having cushions on it providing extra ease. And is movable having wheels, but they can be removed when not needed. There’re drawers at the bottom of this sofa. Besides this, there’re three chairs and a central table with having flower pot on it. Everything is amazing there and tells about the worth of the things for sure. An air conditioner is also located there to maintain the temperature of the house in weather fluctuations.


    A rug is placed there as well that adds to the beauty of this place. There’s a lamp that makes this room more glorified, and the beautiful curtains over the windows are mind-blowing. Many paintings are hung for decoration of this calm room. The jars of other kitchen essentials are placed in the rack that’s located in the living room.

    Next to this rack, there’s a staircase for going to the upper floor. They’re so clean and lit up by using lights. And this staircase ends in the bedroom. Under the bed, there’s a book rack, and the whole space is designed as a storage area. There’s a collection of books, and it’s a gift for the readers.



    There’s a double bed in this bedroom with having blanket and pillows. The curtains are there on the windows. A window opens to the kitchen area. And gives the access to view the whole ground floor sitting in your room.

    Also, there’s a wall for locating the memories in the form of pictures in the room. This is an extremely incredible bedroom. It has the most ravishing lamps to brighten the whole room.



    The roof of the bedroom is made of fixed glass.

    The sunlight directly reaches you while you’re off to the bed in the morning. A couch is also there to enjoy the reading. There’s a wardrobe for placing your clothes and other products.

    Moving back to the kitchen, there’s a corridor on the other side of it. In this corridor, there’s a workplace. It contains a movable table for placing the laptop and a stool for sitting.



    Next to it, there’s a full-sized mirror. Actually, it’s a sliding glass door that opens into the bathroom. It has a washbasin. The bathroom is so amazingly lit up that it becomes the best part of the house for some guests sometimes. There’s a shower area having a shower and towels there.

    It also has a mirror and cabinets in the toilet area. A special rack is built there for placing the towels in the bathroom. There’s a toilet and toilet roll as well.


    Then comes another staircase to go upper floor. And there’s another bedroom for the children with you. It’s decorated with a bunk bed. The beds have a mattress, blanket, and a pillow over them. The height of this room is smaller than the normal rooms. There’s a table having chairs around it. For study purposes, or can be used as a dining table as well.

    The ventilations of this room are covered with lovely curtains. Toys are also there for your children. A bookshelf is also placed in this room to occupy the books. There’s the same wall for placing the pictures.

    The ventilation of the whole house is cleaned and sanitized regularly. As the house is extremely clean and neat due to these efforts. To keep the mirrors and the windows spotless, the tiny house has a faucet and hose system there.

    The veranda of this house has two sides, one having a dining area and the other is the sitting area. Then comes three stair steps, and then you enter the garden of the house. It has different plants and flowers in it. Many vegetables are also grown there. You can pick any vegetable from here to prepare the meal.

    The house has a patio and is covered with different types of trees.

    Especially there’re olive trees and rosewood trees of 5 types. These trees give roses, and the fragrance of these flowers complements the beauty of this house.

    A lawn is also maintained here, covered with grass. Organic farming is done there. The weight of this tiny house is 9 tons as it’s of large size as compared to other cottages and tiny houses. All the possible facilities of a city are provided to the guests of this tiny house.


    Since the bottom of the house is empty, so the floor of it becomes very cold during winter. To make the floor bearable, there’s a heating system designed under the floor. It uses less electricity and heats up the floor. The bedrooms are covered with antibacterial carpets, and the heating system is also placed under these carpets.

    Here in this tiny house, drinkable water is available 24/7 from every tap of the tiny house. The used water that comes out of the house is kept for the garden irrigation and watering of plants. And this is highly admirable that not even a single drop of water is wasted in this house.

    Great technology is used while designing this house, and you can witness it.

    There’re flood sensors located in the bathroom. When the flood is detected, signals are sent to the owner’s mobile phone. And if he’s not home, there’s an automatic system to control the whole situation and to tackle the flood hazards. For security purposes, there is security cameras inner and outer side of the house for remote monitoring of the house and the garden.

    An astonishing feature of this house is the laser barrier system used here. It means when someone enters even the garden, lights located here turn ON, and the irrigation system starts working as well. This warns the unknown persons to enter this house without permission, and also makes the people inside the house aware of a person outside through water, sound, and light signals. This’s amazing. Isn’t it?

    As we already discussed that the bottom of the house is empty. So, the chances of insects and creeps to enter the house are minimal. But the scents of the flowers in the garden are permanent things of this house. The birds chirping in the morning makes it more beautiful than usual and to have deep breaths in the fresh air of this tiny house is matchless. Half of your stress is removed while breathing in fresh and calm atmosphere.

    I hope you’re very much clear about the house. And this article is helpful to make a decision about the place you’re gonna visit to have a refreshed version of yourself.

    This tiny house is tremendously suitable if you want natural beauty around you with all the facilities of the city life. You aren’t gonna regret it after visiting this house. In fact, you’re gonna try to visit it again.

    The outdoor sitting plans are the best for this house. The bedrooms are very cozy and exceptional. The kitchen of this house is also extraordinary. You find everythong of daily use there. Also the fresh vegetables are available for cooking.

    So what’re you waiting for?

    For more information, we recommend watching the video below.