37 ideas for “garden arrangement along the fence” in various styles, shady, easy to care for, add nature near you

which house has empty space but doesn’t know what to do? Today’s articleiHome108 I would like to present some good ideas about “garden arrangement along the fence” in various styles, shady, easy to care for, adding nature near you. Guaranteed to make your home look good. and more pleasant to live in And no matter which house has little space, it can have a beautiful garden corner. like this too There are some interesting types, let’s go and see.


The area along the fence in front of the house, if left empty, may look empty. and also makes the house look uninteresting So let’s try to change a new perspective to make the house look bright. Lively by planting trees along the fence along with paving the walkway can be designed according to preference


The garden around the tree trunk

Decorate the base of the tree with a rock garden.

Waterfall garden modeled like a forest garden. which gives the feeling of being in a real forest

A garden path that comes with beauty and convenience while using it.

Tropical style garden

Stone garden style walkway


Japanese style garden


Tropical-style walkway garden, shady, fresh, adds a green atmosphere to the house

A small rock garden with a simple decoration.


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