20 Concepts for a Wooden “Resort-style House” in the Heart of Nature

Wooden houses are the best choice for all who want a natural, economic and ecological home. Wood is a lightweight material that can be multilaterally processed, has no emissions, is healthy and economical.

Wooden houses breathe, contributing to a healthy and natural environment.

Wooden houses are flexible and light, and are not dangerous in the event of an earthquake.

The principle of weight transmission is the same as that of frame structures, with the difference that the material used is wood, which is more elastic than conventional building materials.

This, along with its own reduced weight, allows constructions made on the wood structure to withstand earthquakes with magnitude over 8 degrees on the Richter scale.

Globally, in the last decades, brick and concrete have begun to lose ground in front of massive wood homes.

Wood is 6 times more insulating than brick and 15 times more insulating than concrete, which leads to significant heating savings.

Wooden houses provide excellent thermal comfort, being warm in winter and cool in the summer. The temperature of the walls – even in the winter – is 18 degrees compared to 5 degrees to the walls of the masonry.

Due to a very low thermal inertia, a wooden house heats up immediately, even in winter after a very long break

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