іпсгedіЬɩe Feat: wіɩd Elephant fгeed from Well After Grueling 14-Hour Ordeal in India (Video). na

An elephant was rescued following 14 hours of operation after it fell into a well in India.

The video shows lifeguards and villagers in southern India lifting an elephant from the bottom of a 55ft well on November 20.

Watch the video at the end.

A team of 50 lifted it off with a crane and straps and placed it securely on the ground to cheer on 100 spectators watching.


A team of 50 lifted it out and placed it safely on the ground to cheer from the 100-strong crowd watching.

A farmer in Dharmapuri district, Tamil Nadu, heard the animal’s cry in the well on November 19 and reported it to the local authorities.

Although the well is deep, the water inside is very shallow and pumped out to make it easier for the 25-year-old male elephant.

The rescue team checked the elephant’s health before it was sedated and taken out by the vet.

Anxious villagers dropped banana leaves into the wells to feed the elephants as the rescue effort was underway, local media reports reported.

Two excavators, a truck, and a crane were used to bring the elephant out unharmed after midnight.

The elephant was unharmed and was released into the nearby Hosur Forest.

Rajkumar, a district ranger, told Insider that the young male elephant fell into a well in a village bordered by the forest because the bushes hid it.

“It is a deep and narrow well,” said Rajkumar.

“We were informed by locals early on Thursday and could only get the elephant late at night.”

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